Re-connect with your spouse

Experience the relationship you both desire

Rebuild Your Marriage Foundation

Your relationship has amazing potential, whether you see it right now or not. Rebuilding and renewing relationships does exist, and it can be your story. With the desire, the faith, and the drive - you can make it happen (and we can help).

What’s the Forward-Focused 5-Phase Marriage Success System?

(Forward-focused) 5-Phase Marriage Success System

Simply put, we focus on moving the relationship forward. We do this by taking both spouses through our 5-phase marriage system. This system is designed to help both spouses unpack and unlearn their past mindsets, habits, practices and patterns - while relearning new ways to create a passionate, promising, and purposeful relationship together.

Our Coaching Principles

Marriage Is God’s Image. A marriage between a man and a woman is meant to replicate and operate in God’s design. Biblical Principles.

Our Coaching Principles and strategies are based and rooted in the logical nature scribed in the KJV 1611 Holy Bible.

We Stand by the Facts. Our practices are a complete balance of research, statistics, and life experiences.

Results Come with Hard Work. Relationship outcomes are the direct result of every couple’s implementation, consistency, and truest efforts.

We Believe in Nation building. Happy couples nurture stronger families, lasting legacies, and contribute to a greater nation.

" Divorce or separation doesn't happen in a moment. It develops over time with a lack of attention to the relationships most minute details. "

Tazadaq & Zakah

About us

Together for almost 10 years, we faced a great deal of trials in the presumed "bliss beginning years" of our marriage. Growing up in two different “cultures”, we came into our relationship with two completely different ideas of marriage and terrible habits that lead to an unhappy, unsatisfying, and unpleasing relationship.

Our relationship lacked the foundation of the most vital elements every married Husband and Wife should have, and we learned later than sooner how much it impacted the future we desired together.

Our Why

Our Natural Love For Giving Good Counsel And Advice. The Most High God Gave Us Both The Love Of Counseling, Teaching, And Helping People With Practical Advice. We're Often The People Others Come To Seeking Some Sort Of Solution Or Change In Perspective.

We're Over Societal Pressures And Agendas. We Got Tired Of Sitting Back And Watching How Society Influences Bad Habits Into Relationships, Leaving Them Broken, Untrusting, And ivorced. We Got Tired Of Seeing People Prefer Immoral Lifestyles Over Godly Lifestyles.

We Know Strong Marriages Produce Stronger Children. And Stronger Children Create Productive Communities. We Desire To See Children (Ours Included) Grow In Communities Where Healthy Marriage Is The Norm, Where Representing God Through Marriage Is The Norm, And Legacy Building Is The Result.