Forward-Focused 5-Phase Marriage Success System

Before we started working with other couples on their marriages.

We spent the last some years studying and focusing on our Communication habits and ways , Broken generational perspectives and Dysfunctional patterns, where everything we thought we knew about marriage and each other based on what we subconsciously internalized failed us over and over again.

Until we realized what we thought was acceptable or ‘culturally normal’ was eating away at our passion, our patience and our pursuit for one another.

We didn't realize this overnight. But when we finally did and saw those exact same patterns in other relationships as well…

We found what we call the ‘5 Pillars to a Successful Marriage’ that brought us through ‘5 Transformation Phases’ to see the massive shift we experienced.

Regardless of how many issues you have. Even if your past is filled with betrayal, hurt and pain. No matter the damage done.

Rebuilding a desirable relationship, filled with purpose, passion, and promise comes down to understanding and strengthening each Pillar.

The truth of the matter is...

Any challenge a couple experiences stems directly from the lack, or weakness, of one (if not multiple) of the pillars.

You see, we don’t just believe in understanding each others’ personalities, or labeling each other communication or conflict resolution types - because those things already exist. Thus, labeling and identifying them doesn’t make for a better experience… but cultivating new ways of communicating, gaining broader perspectives, and improved practices is what allows for a renewed relationship.

Our 5-phase process takes each couple through the Pillars Essential to a Successful Marriage, step-by-step, laying the foundation needed - while simultaneously receiving the accountability and support each spouse needs individually and the couple require together.