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Relationship Coaching With A Christ Life Style

Together for almost 10 years, we faced a great deal of trials in the presumed "bliss beginning years" of our marriage. Growing up in two different “cultures”, we came into our relationship with two completely different ideas of marriage and terrible habits that lead to an unhappy, unsatisfying, and unpleasing relationship.

Our relationship lacked the foundation of the most vital elements every married Husband and Wife should have, and we learned later than sooner how much it impacted the future we desired together.

From not understanding each other, to terrible communication habits, to dysfunctional cycles of disrespect, to bad fights - all while blending five children of totally different ages, becoming business partners, and serving in ministry. Needless to say, we’ve seen what being intentional about marriage can do.

Having difficult conversations, seeking wise counsel, doing the research in the Holy Bible and online, addressing our habits and misconceptions, and taking action is what helped our relationship survive.

Through the mess, we slowly began to recreate the foundation we deserved and desired for so long.

Today, we help and guide other married couples to do the same using our 5-Pillar Marriage Success System. As Marriage Success Coaches, we’re passionate about guiding couples who are stuck, like we very much were. We help Husbands and Wives understand themselves, each other to not only identify - but discover how to minimize, eliminate, and correct their core issues, patterns, habits, and practices causing their most deeply rooted marital challenges for long term success.

Rather than simply resolving the problems in the relationship, we instead empower each spouse with the understanding and methods to take complete ownership of each element of the relationship by devoting the best of themselves to their partner and the marriage. This method gives both Husband and Wife the space to create the relationship they both truly desire.